2016 in a nutshell

We made it!! It’s 2017 and much like everybody else I am reflecting on the year that has passed so quickly. In a way it feels almost like I’ve just blinked a couple times and the twelve months that were so good to us simply rolled around. But I’d be totally lying if I said I felt like this the whole year around. It was the end of June, the heat wave kicked our butts big time as we wrapped up our first double header of the month, and we had only two full days to back up our photos, charge our batteries and get back on the road. We’ve just returned home from shooting a wedding in Croatia on Friday and another one in Slovenia on Saturday, and the days we were completely off work seemed to have gone by in a few seconds. Wednesday came quicker than ever and we were ready to tackle Tuscany and then just a day after Milan, for our next double header wedding. How we did it I still don’t know, but it all consisted of a lot of water, painkillers, gallons of insect repellent (tuscan mosquitoes are insatiable) and stress due to compromised brakes. I truly think this was the worst I’ve ever felt. We shot FOUR gorgeous weddings and instead of dreaming of all the beautiful photos we get to post for all of you to see soon, I was biting my fingers wishing the brake warning was an incident of a nasty nightmare and not a reality! A wave of relief washed over us when we returned home, but I may or may not have burst out in tears at the sight of work that has piled up in this time that we were away from office about a hundred times.


When I look back now, I can only laugh. I don’t remember the piercing headache I had in Milan, or the awful hotel room with no air conditioning in the middle of nowhere, or even the fear of brakes actually failing on the highway … all I know is that these small (and big) incidents make us tougher. They help us deal with stuff that gets thrown at us! They also keep us on our toes in hoping for the best, but planning for the worst!

All in all season of 2016 was our best so far, and I’m not just saying that! It was genuinely THE BEST. We had twelve destination weddings – we travelled to France, Croatia, Italy and Ireland to photograph twelve gorgeous couples that didn’t get to meet us in person prior to the wedding yet they still CHOSE to trust us with their important days! Knowing that is just so humbling and special! Thank you, thank you to all of you – for making us feel welcome, for making us feel appreciated.


We also shot seventeen Slovenian weddings – many of those felt destination as we had to drive quite far for them – and they were all equally as beautiful, emotional and fun for us to photograph! Our 2016 couples took us to some truly outstanding locations in our country, some we knew of, others we just wished we did long before.


Honestly, it is hard to believe it could get any better than this. I’ll be super thankful if we are granted another season just as great. In the meantime, I will TRY and get back into blogging more regularly – we have so many pretty weddings left to share so stay tuned! Oh, and while you wait, head over to our Facebook page, we post there way more often, or follow us on our Instagram handles (@nastjakovacec and @niveskovacec).

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