we have travelled the world

for our couples.

We are sisters, photographers who work separately as well as together capturing weddings and special lifestyle moments.

In the past decade we've documented over a hundred weddings – from the rolling hills of Tuscany, to the hustle and bustle of Paris and the serenity of Provence. We are convinced wedding photos should be timeless, natural, with a documentary touch, and if you feel the same, we might just be a perfect fit.

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between us we have …

three cats and one dog

… have visited over fifteen countries

& have photographed weddings in eight of those.

what we have in common.

love for animals and travel



My interests include all things from photography, interior design to travelling. I'm also a huge animal lover (I have a cavalier puppy Daisy and a cat Poppy).

My favourite part of the wedding day is photographing details – love those pretty invitation and ring shots, and of course the beautiful candids that you will cherish forever.

I will take a Tuscan wedding, wine and sunsets over pretty much everything else!

I love coffee, books (especially fiction), watching comedy shows or going on walks with my husband. Our new-found favourite thing is driving or walking around looking at houses and compiling ideas for our new home!

My type of a wedding is definitely settled in rural Tuscany or at a French chateau – small, intimate events truly fill my soul.

I was nineteen years old when I photographed my first wedding, and twenty eight when I got married myself.

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