It’s been a few months since we’ve last had an engagement session! And clearly we’re starting it off again with a bang. Ana and Jernej are so unique and special. They prefer winter months to summer and that is why their wedding is taking place now. Now, when everything is snowed in and temperatures are waaaay below zero.

We met in Logar Valley because when we planned this engagement session there was still pretty green outside. The mountains, however, had a bit of snow and that was definitely a winner. As we drove to the mountains the weather was so gloomy and cold, but once we got there everything changed! It was sure cold, but the sun came out and there’s nothing I love more than backlit photos.

Tomorrow these two are getting married, so in light of their upcoming wedding I’m posting my favourites from our fun day in the snow!




These parents-to-be loved the idea of having a bit more dramatic maternity photos! On a cold, wintery day we met up in Logar Valley where the mountains were already covered in snow and the scenery was just amazing. Although I’m a sucker for pretty summer sunlight, these are some of my favourite maternity photographs ever! And don’t let that one cute photo of their puppy fool you. Lili was the most active and playful maltese pup I’ve ever seen in my life!!

To say that we were looking forward to this Sovana wedding is an understatement. I knew that it was going to be gorgeous from the very beginning! When Tina messaged me and I saw their beautiful engagement photos, I was thrilled to have such an amazing couple on my hands. All of my couples are amazing, but Tina and Leonardo went above and beyond for their beautiful day. Joined by their family and friends they created this wedding affair in Sovana that made my photographer-heart sing!

It all started with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony where the couple presented the elders with tea. After that us and the bridal party drove to Sovana, a beautiful ancient town that made for some stunning portraits. If their tea ceremony was beautifully interesting, I have no words for what followed as we got back. Tina’s father walked her down the aisle where her and Leonardo said their vows and there wasn’t a dry eye around.

After spending some time with their guests enjoying Italian food and wine, we sneaked away for a couple more minutes. I’ve always known Tuscan light was perfect for our style of photography. But it was just out of this world! There are olive grooves all around the venue and the sun peeked through the branches just enough to create the beautiful glow that I love so much!

Thank you, Tina and Leonardo, for allowing us in on your dreamy Sovana wedding. We wish you a lifetime of happiness!



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This Borgo di Pietrafitta wedding has been on my mind since we photographed it back in September. Jess and Andy are a beautiful couple from London who gathered their friends and family from as far as New Zealand to join their celebration in Chianti. Few places could be more romantic than this one. Nestled amongst the high hills full of vineyards and villas, it makes for a perfect wedding venue with the traditional Tuscan charm.

Jessica’s brother held the most emotional ceremony and I’m sure his words were what warmed their hearts the most. The day was just the way Jess had described it to me when we met back in June. Casual, fun with beautiful organic touches that are in trend at the moment. However, it is not the decoration or even the venue that stuck with me the most. Jessica and Andrew together with their guest were some of the most fun people I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. Even when just before dinner a huge thunderstorm passed the region and the outdoor reception was completely soaked, people just continued the fun indoors.

Thank you so much, Jess and Andy, for allowing us to be with you on your special day!!