When you are photographing young children, you never know how long the session will take. You might only have thirty minutes or so to make the most of it. But this little girl really surprised us with her positive energy and contagious smile. Despite being only 2 years of age, she was really brave and smiled throughout the session. You could tell she was very excited to become a big sister as she happily chatted with us about her soon-to-be new brother and pated her mother’s bump.

We met on a sunny Sunday afternoon and it was just perfect. I am absolutely in love with those magical autumnal colours and the family chose to wear colourful outfits to go with our natural Fall session. As we started photographing the sky has just broke into full sunset and it almost looked like the trees had caught fire. When you have all that you know it was going to be a wonderful session.

Enjoy some of my favourites below!

I have been photographing this sweet family for years and everytime we get together we create something wonderful. I just love their style and how much love they have for each other. They are expecting their second child this Fall and wanted to celebrate this new beginning with a lovely family session.

Sun came out just in time for our session and I loved playing with light. I am very happy to share this blog post with you guys today. Enjoy!