If you’re a dog owner I’m sure your biggest regret is not having enough puppy photos of your dog. Dogs grow up so fast and before you know it your puppy is not a puppy anymore and you’re scrambling over your phone photos searching for those “baby stage” photos of your dog.

Well…this couple won’t have those problems. As soon as their new puppy Indie joined their family they scheduled a photoshoot to celebrate her arrival.

This was not my first puppy photoshoot. I have done a couple of those in my career so far and my heart is so warm when I see dogs (and animals in general) are becoming a vital part of our family life. Not only are my clients scheduling animal sessions, more and more families are also bringing their pets to their family sessions.

Here are a couple of my favourite images of puppy Indie finding her forever home!


This is one of the last family sessions I did before our country was once again quarentined due to Coronavirus pandemic.

The air was cold, so cold that you could tell the winter is on it’s way, but the family braved those early winter temperatures and we made these lovely photos.


Here’s a little 2021 update!

This coronavirus pandemic has really hit us hard…but not just us – the vendors, I imagine couples also have a really hard time with the wedding planning not knowing what awaits in the future.

I feel so bad about this whole situation and pray every day that 2021 is going to be a better year for the wedding industry.  I choose to believe we are going to make it through it and come out of it stronger and we will never took our jobs and opportunities for granted ever again.

This being said, I have started taking bookings for the next year. Obviously, couples are really cautious with the planning and there are less inquiries than in previous years. However, I’m really happy I have booked a couple of weddings, some are even destination weddings in Italy. That gives me hope that 2021 is going to be as normal as we can wish for.

If you’re getting married next year and you’re still in search of the wedding photographer, you can check my availability via contact form on my website or inquiry via e-mail: avanastja@gmail.com.

Tell me more about yourself and the wedding you’re planning. You will receive my response with the wedding brochure attached.