How to dress for a session

On our part preparing for a session means formatting our memory cards, charging our batteries, searching for amazing locations and seeking inspiration to connect to the client being photographed and making them as relaxed as possible. But for a client, preparations tend to be a bit more nerve-wrecking. Number one obstacle is choosing an appropriate outfit – you have already chosen a nice dress, combined it with a piece of jewellery you bought specially for the occasion, but then the anxiety kicks in and you just don’t know if it’s the right one. So here I am to help you with that!

I am thrilled when clients contact me and ask for a piece of advice. I usually don’t go into exact details, but my number one advice regarding clothing is to dress your best and match your style with the person/people you are being photographed with (this can either be your fiancé or a family member). I’ve read plenty of blog posts where people say it’s most important to dress comfortably, and while I certainly agree that wearing sky-rocket heels for a forest themed session is not the best decision you could make, I do not agree that comfort comes first when choosing the right outfit for a session (that is in most cases a one time experience!). We (us most definitely included) feel most comfy in our pyjama bottoms or sweatpants, but that doesn’t mean this would be the right outfit choice, just because it’s a comfortable one.


If you think wearing high heels and a dress for a session is too much and you feel like you’re exaggerating – you’re wrong! You are allowed to feel beautiful and special for this occasion, when you’re making memories with you future husband or your family. They’re priceless and you should be able to look back and feel proud and happy with your photos and how you look in them. Moreover, when a client dresses nicely, I just know the session is important to them and that in itself inspires me to make their experience enjoyable even more.


I’m sure deciding on the right outfit will be easier once the location is settled. And this would be my number two advice – wear accordingly to your location. Again, you don’t want to wear high heels in the forest, and you definitely want to wear something light and flowy for a beach session.

I’ve put together a list of advice for clients who struggle to find the perfect outfit:

1. Dress your best.

2. Match your style of clothing. This is even more important that matching your colours (which is not necessarily crucial). If you’re wearing an elegant dress your significant other should also wear an elegant outfit, otherwise you will outshine him.

3. Dress accordingly to the chosen location.

4. For a winter session it’s important to feel as warm as possible, but you also want to look good and not all bundled up under a heavy coat – hiding the outfit you’ve spent so much time choosing. Instead, dress in layers. I never expect for our clients to pose for more than 15 minutes in a chunk, on contrary, we take breaks so they can warm up! In the winter we tend to only do short, 30 minute sessions. :)


5. Elegant black – yes. Casual black – NO! I also advise against going all black, especially both/more of you.

6. Colour matching. We won’t be giving you advice on which colours look best matched together, just don’t go for the same tone of one colour!

7. If you’re still undecided on what to wear, hop on Pinterest and get inspired!


(Left photo: Pinterest)

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