Nina & Peter | Strunjan after-wedding session

We spent a sunny winter day photographing these two at the Slovenian seaside. :) While our part of the country was covered in snow, we enjoyed a bit of sun on the hills above Strunjan, thankful for our own Slovenian bit of “Tuscany”. Completely needless to say we love olive trees, right?

Np_Strunjan_2 NP_Strunjan_3NP_Strunjan_5NP_strunjan_6 NP_strunjan Strunjan_poroka_wedding_oljke_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf_primorska-11 Strunjan_poroka_wedding_oljke_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf_primorska-10 NP_strunjan_10 Strunjan_poroka_wedding_oljke_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf_primorska-2 Nina_Peter-46 NP_Strunjan_4 Nina_Peter-60 Strunjan_poroka_wedding_oljke_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf_primorska-15 NP_strunjan_11 3 NP_strunjan_7Nina_Peter-38 NP_strunjan_8 NP_strunjan_918 Nina_Peter-58

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