Trip to Thailand and renewed pricing guide


As many of you probably already know we’ll be going for a well deserved vacation to Thailand in a month’s time. We absolutely can’t wait to spend three weeks in Asia for the first time ever! :) As we’ll be out of office from 4th to 25th of November, we won’t be able to schedule any wedding meetings with you during that time. And because we really love to meet you guys in person we strongly encourage you to plan our consultation in October or after our trip! We will still be accepting and responding to your inquiries and would love to chat to you about your wedding via email, but our turn around time may slow down a little.

On that note, here’s a little sneak peek into our new guide – we just love it!! So happy it matches the brand we have been and will continue to build for our business. <3 Our pricing has been slightly revamped and some new photographs added, and this is the end product you'll be getting to get to know our policy a little better and learn about our collections.


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