Weekly wrap-up

Lately I’ve been only posting short wrap-ups on my blog. Mainly because my days are filled with weddings and other short sessions and it’s so difficult to find a free day just for blogging them all, but also because I love to keep up with showing at least an image or two with you nevertheless. These past weeks were just amazing! I finally got to do something for my soul – a shoot that we’ve planned in just a couple days took place in Italy. We were hoping to have the most beautiful weather possible, but sometimes not all goes as planned. We were met with wind and clouds, and as sceptical I at first was, I am now sure that the conditions were just perfect for what we had planned for this shoot.

Love these two timeless images shot just by the sea. <3 And this head-piece was made by my favourite florist - Metka Sporiš from Sanjski šopek.


Windy weather continues through-out the week and we were once more almost blown away at a session. Slavi braved the cold and the wind to get the most amazing shots of her belly! Photographing enthusiastic people is always such an inspiration and I absolutely can’t wait to blog this stylish mommy-to-be.


Later this week I got to photograph this cute little boy and his family. There’s always such a pleasure to make memories for loving families, especially when they come to the session so excited and ready to work along-side us for them! Because at the end of the day those will be the images you will be sharing with the generations to come. :)


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