Amber & Mike | Sunrise engagement session in Florence, Italy

Newly-engaged couple, Amber & Mike, came all the way from United States, to enjoy a week of wine tastings and traveling around Tuscany. Their first stop was Florence and to say they were still a bit jet-lagged when we met up on Saturday morning, is an understatement. They were also stunned how beautiful Florence Cathedral looks in the morning light, without crowds of tourists trying to get the best spot for pictures. When traveling to Florence, I always suggest sightseeing in the morning. That is also true when planning a session around Duomo. We met up in the Morning, at 6 o’clock sharp in front of this large Cathedral and then enjoyed a cup of traditional italian coffee and croissant on the steps of famed Florence museum. I love spending time in Florence in the morning. It’s so quiet and empty and there is easy to spot all the famous landmarks of this historic town. Owr session ended on the Ponte Vechio, with beautiful views over Arno river. There was no golden light of sunrise as the sky was covered with clouds, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

I wish I could show you every last picture we made, but there are to many. So, enjoy some of my favourites from this day!

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