Eva & Dario | Smrekarjeva domacija, Postojna wedding

Eva is a fellow photographer and when she emailed us asking if we could photograph the intimate wedding she was planning with her future husband Dario we were thrilled. :) Their vision for the day was clear from the beginning on, they both loved blue as the main colour and coupled with some wooden details it made for an amazing decoration for a simple and relaxed wedding in Postojna. The newly renovated attic was just perfect for a heartfelt ceremony they celebrated surrounded by the closest of their friends and family.

I’m so happy to share this short but sweet wedding with you. It’s always such a pleasure to photograph couples who do everything on their own terms, be it an intimate, relaxed wedding or an elaborate one. Enjoy a couple of my favourites from Eva and Dario’s day!

Eva_Dario_lowres-83 Eva_Dario_lowres-50 Eva_Dario_lowres-94 Eva_Dario_lowres-37 Eva_Dario-26 Eva_Dario_poroka-smrekarjeva_domacija_postojna_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf-3 Eva_Dario-49 Eva_Dario_poroka-smrekarjeva_domacija_postojna_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf-2 Eva_Dario_lowres-258 Eva_Dario-257 Eva_Dario_poroka-smrekarjeva_domacija_postojna_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf-1 Eva_Dario_poroka-smrekarjeva_domacija_postojna_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf-4 Eva_Dario_poroka-smrekarjeva_domacija_postojna_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf-6 Eva_Dario_poroka-smrekarjeva_domacija_postojna_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf-5Eva_Dario_lowres-95Eva_Dario-445 Eva_Dario_poroka-smrekarjeva_domacija_postojna_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf-9 Eva_Dario_poroka-smrekarjeva_domacija_postojna_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf-8 Eva_Dario_poroka-smrekarjeva_domacija_postojna_nastja_kovacec_porocni_fotograf-10 Eva_Dario_lowres-96 Eva_Dario-483 Eva_Dario_lowres-97 Eva_Dario-40u Eva_Dario_Smrekarjeva_domacija-1 Eva_Dario-446 Eva_Dario_lowres-99 Eva_dario_smrekarjeva_domacija

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