Little puppy Jara

When Ana told me she wanted to have her new puppy photographed, I was ecstatic. Since getting my own puppy Daisy, a beautiful Cavalier King Charles spaniel six months ago, I knew exactly where she was coming from. Welcoming a brand new puppy into a family is a big event :). They grow up so quickly. They completely turn your life upside down for a couple of months and before you know it, you end up having no pictures of their childhood phase.

The moment I met Jara, a little longhair retriever, I remembered exactly what it was like having a 3-month old puppy at hand…this was not going to be an easy task :). This little ball of fur was full of energy and ready to explore every little corner of our location and we had to literally chase her around more than once. Dog treats did the trick finally and she was still, posing for a couple of pictures like a pro. The soft afternoon light was just perfect and as always I absolutely loved Ana’s choice of wear.

All in all, this was a fun afternoon spent with a gorgeous playful puppy. It was heartwarming seeing the love shared between Jara and Ana.

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