Tisa & Cameron | Mountain engagement session

We rarely get to meet our international couples prior to their wedding days, but this lovely bride has a special bond to Slovenia (and some family here as well). So not only we had a chance to meet not just for a consultation, but we got to do an engagement session as well. Sure, the weather wasn’t ideal for Tisa and Cameron, seeing as they were coming from warm California, but the breathtaking backdrop made up for below zero temperatures! Today I’m sharing with you this lovely mountain engagement session that we did in January, on their last day in Slovenia.

Despite having an opportunity to shoot with such a pretty background whenever we want (perks of living in a small country), we haven’t photographed many sessions like this one! For one, people still prefer taking photos in the summer, and while I agree that it is more convenient due to kinder weather, there’s nothing quite like Slovenian winter. The snowed up mountains, naked trees and frosted ground is what we were met with in Kranjska Gora and it was just beautiful!

Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_1 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_2 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_3 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_4 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_5 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_8 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_9 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_6 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_7 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_17 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_15 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_14 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_13 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_12 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_11 Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_10Tisa_Cameron_Kranjska_gora_zaroka_engagement_mountain_Nastja_Kovacec_Photography_16

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