Travel Dates | Wedding season 2019

Wedding season of 2019 is slowly starting and we can’t wait to photograph our first wedding of the year. As always, we will also be travelling a lot this year. We would like to offer a special price for all the remaining bookings with lower travel costs. If you’re getting married around those dates and in the same region, get in touch and get a special offer.

23d of March …. Dublin, Ireland

25th od May …. Lanouaille, France

27th of May …. Tuscany, Italy

29th of May …. Amalfi Coast, Italy

14th of June …. Umbria, Italy

15th of June …. Tuscany, Italy

24th of June …. Cotswolds, United Kingdom

29th of July …. Domaines de Patras, France

2nd of August …. Lanouaille, France

8th of August …. Tuscany, Italy

7th of September …. Tuscany, Italy

19th of October …. Tuscany, Italy





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