Ana & Jernej | Logar Valley engagement

It’s been a few months since we’ve last had an engagement session! And clearly we’re starting it off again with a bang. Ana and Jernej are so unique and special. They prefer winter months to summer and that is why their wedding is taking place now. Now, when everything is snowed in and temperatures are waaaay below zero.

We met in Logar Valley because when we planned this engagement session there was still pretty green outside. The mountains, however, had a bit of snow and that was definitely a winner. As we drove to the mountains the weather was so gloomy and cold, but once we got there everything changed! It was sure cold, but the sun came out and there’s nothing I love more than backlit photos.

Tomorrow these two are getting married, so in light of their upcoming wedding I’m posting my favourites from our fun day in the snow!




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